The story of Omadhoo Inn begins as many good stories do – on a far-flung island, in a tropical sea. It is here, on Omadhoo Island, that three brothers, Faisal, Fathih and Fazeel, spent their childhood days. Hours were passed swimming in the lagoon, fishing with their father, and chasing crabs on the beach. Life was simple and good, and days drifted past like the boats on the horizon. Although these brothers are now fully grown, life has barely changed on the island. Every islander now has a mobile phone and wifi, but our days are still spent on the shoreline, and our front doors are still left unlocked for neighbours to pop in throughout the day. Life in Omadhoo is lived slowly. Here, every day revolves around what’s important: family, friendship and fish! And now we, those three brothers from the story, are on a mission to share this way of life with the world. Having never forgotten the bliss of our childhood days, we have built Omadhoo Inn for travellers from around the world to experience that same carefree way of life. In Omadhoo, guests can see the real Maldives, away from the expensive resorts. In Omadhoo, you’ll get to live amongst the islanders; to wake with them at morning light, to run the sandy roads to the beach with the local children, and to catch your own dinner, shoulder to shoulder with the island’s master fishermen. Nobody knows Omadhoo better than us. We know the trees with the coolest
shade, the coco palms with the sweetest nuts, and the spots with the best view of the evening sun.

Our story is one of family, and of tradition, and we’d like to invite you to become a part of it.


Our boutique, family-run guesthouse is a place where the extraordinary happens every day. Located in South Ari Atoll, Omadhoo Inn is a perfect base for an aquatic adventure: you can snorkel with whale sharks, swim with manta rays, eat lunch on a deserted island and catch your own dinner – all before the sun has set. And when the day is over, eat heartily at our in-house restaurant then retire to one of our spacious rooms for a deep, restful sleep.

Or if you prefer to spend your days at the water’s edge, our guests can benefit from our unique access to a nearby uninhabited picnic island, where we can organise anything from picnic lunches and evening barbecues, to wedding celebrations and vow renewals.

In short, we have a simple philosophy here. We aim to provide luxury service at an affordable price. And with only four rooms, we are always on-hand to cater to your requests. Our guests are more than just passing travellers, at Omadhoo Inn you are part of the family, and we take every opportunity to exceed your expectations.